The Solomon research group works on micro-scale characterization of complex interactions in materials such as polymers, colloids and microbial biofilms. The projects in our group aim to understand how such interactions mediate a material’s self-assembly, microstructural and rheological properties. We use coordinated methods of 3D confocal microscopy, rheometry, light scattering and image processing to correlate macroscopic properties of soft matter to their micro-scale features.  

Solomon Group (2019) (L-R) Back: Ryan, Bryan, Mahesh, Nina, Peng-Kai, Prof. Mike Solomon. Front: Keara, Tianyu, Yufei, Joanne, Rachael

Recent News

Joanne won the First Place in the Graduate Student Competition in Micro-biointerface Research at the 2019 AIChE Annual Meeting ! – Congratulations Joanne !

Tianyu Liu has joined the group as a first year PhD student to work on colloidal structural color (Oct 2019) – Welcome Tianyu !

Alice Sneha George has joined the group as a MS student to work on active matter studies (Oct 2019) – Welcome Alice !

Recent Publications

  • Effect of Defective Microstructure and Film Thickness on the Reflective Structural Color of Self-Assembled Colloidal Crystals
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, (2020)


Contact Us

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