The Solomon research group works on micro-scale characterization of complex interactions in materials such as polymers, colloids and microbial biofilms. The projects in our group aim to understand how such interactions mediate a material’s self-assembly, microstructural and rheological properties. We use coordinated methods of 3D confocal microscopy, rheometry, light scattering and image processing to correlate macroscopic properties of soft matter to their micro-scale features.  

Solomon Group (2020): (L-R) (Front) Tianyu Liu, Joanne Beckwith, Alice George and Keara Saud, (Back) Prof. Mike Solomon, Rachael Hamilton, Peng-Kai Kao, Tianyu (Terry) Liu and Mahesh Ganesan

Recent News

Dr. Clémence Abriat joins the Solomon Group as a Postdoctoral Researach Fellolw, welcome Clémence (October 2021)

Congratulations to Dr. Tianyu Liu on the successful defense of your PhD dissertation ! (June 2021)

Congratulations to Dr. Peng-Kai Kao on the successful defense of your PhD dissertation ! (May 2021)

Recent Publications

  • different cycles plotted on a graph
    Accelerated annealing of colloidal crystal monolayers by means of cyclically applied electric fields
    Scientific Reports, (2021)

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