Soft Matter Research

The Solomon research group works on micro-scale characterization of complex interactions in materials such as polymers, colloids and microbial biofilms. The projects in our group aim to understand how such interactions mediate a material’s self-assembly, microstructural and rheological properties. We use coordinated methods of 3D confocal microscopy, rheometry, light scattering and image processing to correlate macroscopic properties of soft matter to their micro-scale features.  

Colloidal Assembly

for structural color

We aim to establish the connection between microscopic assembling behavior and the resulting structure, and the structural color of the colloidal crystals
Colloidal gel microstructure

Colloidal Gelation

and its rheological properties

We study the microscopic network structure and gelation dynamics and the functional properties of colloidal gel

Active Matter

dynamics and effects

 We study the behavior of various shapes of active colloidal particles when embedded in colloidal gel and crystal, and their effects on the functional properties

Mechanics of Biofilm

for bacteria and fungi

We investigate the rheology and microstructure of biofilm to understand its protective role for bacterial and fungal resistance

Latest Publications

  • Reconfigurable Grating Diffraction Structural Color in Self-Assembled Colloidal Crystals
    Small, (2023)

Recent News

September 2023: Chih-Mei, Syahidah went to EGS-3MT final!

September 2023: Syahidah, Chih-Mei received poster awards at ChE Grad Symposium!

October 2022: Prof. Michael J. Solomon was elected as one of the Society of Rheology (SOR) Fellow Class of 2022. Congratulations Prof. Solomon!

Solomon group during the summer
Solomon Group (2022)
(Front L-R) Prof. Mike Solomon, ClĂ©mence Abriat, Keara Saud and Syahidah Mohd Khairi
(BacL-R) Max LaCascia, Tianyu (Terry) Liu and Chih-Mei Young

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