Dino Eggs!

Camper in background chuckling about other camper's eating "dino eggs."
Student oversees campers eat "dino eggs."

Stretch, Bounce, Flow!

Gak Design Challenge

Gak is a combination of glue, borax and water. The borax reacts to connect glue molecules together, making it into a polymer.


Give me a beat!

A small pool of Oobleck sits on top of a speaker. Undisturbed, it remains fluid like. However, the vibrations from music causes the Oobleck to move and dance.

Campers watch student experiment with vibrations from music causing the Oobleck to move and dance.
Students playing with Oobleck located on top of a speaker.
Campers intently watching the student place the Oobleck bowl on the speaker.

Touch, Run, Play!

The shear-thickening property of Oobleck allowed the students to run their hands through a pool of Oobleck like one would a fluid, but also run across the pool without sinking.

Students standing outside on Oobleck pool
Students running their hands through a pool of Oobleck
Three students playing with Oobleck that is dripping from their hands
Oobleck on student's hands
Students both running their hands and standing in pool of oobleck
Overhead image of students playing in Oobleck pool