Mechanics of Microbial Biofilms

With Dr. Scott Van Epps of the U-Michigan Department of Emergency Medicine, we are exploring the biomechanical properties of biofilms. Biofilms are colonies of microoganisms that are pervasive in a range  of natural and industrial settings. They can also grow on devices, such as intravascular catheters, that are introduced into the body as part of medical practice. Biofilm structure and mechanics is thought to play a protective role by, for example, improving the resistance of bacteria to antibiotic treatments. The aim of this project is to understand and measure the mechanical properties of biofilms of size about 10-100 microns, since these dimensions match the scales relevant to medical practice.  In addition, we also characterize the polymeric properties of bioflim polysaccharides that exhibit interesting solution behavior such as associations and complexation with other biomolecules. 

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