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Nikon A1Rsi Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

The new Biointerfaces Nikon A1Rsi inverted confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM) is equipped with a spectral detector and resonant scanner operating at 12 kHz (up to 30 fps for 512 x 512 images). Dual confocal laser scanning heads achieve up to 4096 x 4096 resolution with a calibrated, motorized stage that allows the stitching of multiple images. A fast piezo stage with multiple inserts enables the rapid acquisition of z-stacks. 10x, 20x, 40x dry and 100x objectives are available. A stage-top incubation system for the culturing of biological samples in-situ is available. Spectrally resolved detection of multiple contiguous spectral lines, with the line width configurable to a width as small as 5.0 nm. The device is located in the Solomon lab – NCRC B20-134W.


The Solomon group has access to two rheometers. Currently, the main instrument is the MCR702 TwinDrive rheometer manufactured by Anton Paar.  With the readily accessible TwinDrive capability, the rheometer is capable of measuring in Combined Motor Transducer (CMT) mode or in the Separate Motor Transducer (SMT) mode allowing for a wide range of highly sensitive rheological measurements of soft matter.  It is equipped with several plate and cone geometries.  We also have accessories for performing Rheo-SALS and PIV measurements using the rheometer.  In addition to the MCR702, our group has access to a TA Instruments ARES rheometer (joint with Larson group). We also maintain a system to measure solution viscosity by Ubbelohde capillary viscometry.

Carver Bench Top Standard Heated Press

The lab has a manually operated bench top press with two digitally heated 6” x 6” steel plates. It has a digital scale reading in pounds force with a force capacity of 24,000 lbf. The electrically heated plates are capable of reaching temperatures up to 650 deg F with a digital controller per metal plate (top and bottom). It also has a safety shield for convenient and safe use.

Wide-Angle Light Scattering

The lab has an ALV CGS3 compact goniometer system equipped with an ALV/SO-SIPD photon detector. Experiments are done at a wavelength of 488nm using an Argon ion laser (JDS Uniphase).The device allows static and dynamic light scattering measurements to be performed at angles in the range of 12° to 155°. It can also be used for diffusing wave spectroscopy, with the detector position in transmission mode. The measurements are performed in single-use round glass cuvettes. A minimum sample volume of ~1 ml is required.