Colloidal Assembly and Structural Color

The assembly of colloidal particles into useful structures has long been a key aim of chemical engineers and material scientists. We address this challenge by synthesizing anisotropic colloids and self-assembling them with the assistance of applied electric, shear and gravitational fields.  We aim to establish the connection between microscopic assembling behavior and macroscopic colloidal crystal properties.  We probe the assembly microstructure using methods of confocal microscopy and small-angle light scattering (SALS) and macroscopic features are analyzed through reflectance spectroscopy and emergence of structural color.  This research contributes to the understanding of how colloidal building blocks can be utilized to generate large scale structures that exhibit rich and brilliant structural color to mimic that seen in nature – for instance – in cephalopods and beetles. 

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Contact Current Post Docs & Graduate Students:

  1. Tianyu (Terry) Liu
  2. Syahidah Mohd Khairi
  3. Chih-Mei Young