1. Gak and Dino Eggs activity. Gak is a combination of glue, borax and water. The borax reacts  to connect glue molecules together, making it into a polymer.  Dino eggs is a “cooking with chemistry” exercise in which students make lemonade-filled droplets in water.

2. Dancing Oobleck and microscopic properties of complex fluids activity. A small amount of Oobleck on a speaker is fluid when undisturbed while the vibrations from music causes the Oobleck to “dance”. Milk, shampoo and nail polish under the microscope.

3. Running across an Oobleck pool. The shear-thickening property of Oobleck allowed the students to run their hands through a pool of Oobleck like one would a fluid, but also run across the pool without sinking. It is now a Solomon group tradition.